Where We Live | August Edition

I promised my oldest that we’d go treasure hunting, so this month the entire family tried Geocaching for the first time. The first location we tried was a bust. The terrain was wooded and steep, and we could not locate the cache after nearly an hour of hunting. Determined to keep my promise to my son, we stopped by a second location on our way home. To our surprise it was an apple orchard, not even 5 miuntes away from home! This is Where I Live.


After a few minutes of hunting, the boys spotted the cache.


They were enamored with the process of choosing their loot and leaving behind a trade.


After husband replaced the cache, we went to explore the apple orchard.



This was the first time Heleina picked out her own clothes. She brought me this outfit and said, “Fly.”




Another adventure logged for my crew. Continue your trip around the Where We Live Blog Circle by checking out our inspiring photographer from Chicago: Rebecca Hellyer Photography.

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10 thoughts on “Where We Live | August Edition

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  2. Lovely images! How fun that you took the kids geocaching. My husband has been wanting to do that, but I wasn’t so sure, but you made it seem more fun than his description. LOL! And now I’m in the mood for an apple…

  3. Your little girl in the fancy dress with all the apples looks like she’s in a fairy tale. 🙂 I agree with Christa that you used awesome perspectives in this series!

  4. I think geocaching sounds so fun! I love your daughters fashion sense ;). The image with her lower part of her face is visible with the apple & her adorable outfit is my favorite- though the “apples as eyeglasses” is a close second. Beautiful way to remember the day.

  5. I always wondered what geocaching actually was! Looks like heaps of fun! Love that you got to discover the apple orchard. I have my own little apple orchard here which is just beginning to blossom this time of year. Gorgeous images as always 🙂

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