Where We Live | June Edition

We moved.

Blog June 1

4 days. 3 kids. 2 cars. 2421 miles westward.

Blog June 2

And arrived in University Place, Washington. This is Where I Live.

We went exploring and found some treasures.

Blog June 3

And some reminders of our former home.

Blog June 4

Blog June 5b

We’re excited to start our new adventure in the Pacific Northwest!

Blog June 7c

Welcome to our new home. Next, visit the awe-inspiring Sheila Clapperton and her images of life in Italy!


10 thoughts on “Where We Live | June Edition

  1. Welcome home! I love your son’s room! Is that your image? How did you do that??!! I love the photos of you guys exploring the beach. Great job this month, as always 😀

  2. You will LOVE the Pacific Northwest. I miss it dearly. So much to explore up there! I hope you enjoy your new adventure. Can’t wait to see more in the coming months!

  3. Congratulations on a successful move! I’m stuck by the beautiful color palette in these images. Especially the rusty key on the rocks and the blurred train and the bridge. Really stunning work.

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