Where We Live | May Edition

Clarksville, Tennessee. Full of history. This is Where I Live. For now. Next month, it will be a distant memory. These are some of the landmarks I’ll remember.

May blog 7c

Customs House Museum – Built in 1898, it was designed as a Federal Post Office and Customs House. It’s now a general museum. And, it’s where I currently have a photo on display in a juried exhibition!

May blog 10b

Poston Building – Built in 1842. Advertising on the side targeted boats traveling along the Cumberland River. You need a biscuit.

May blog 9b

Roxy Theater – Built in 1913, the first movie theater in Clarksville. It now hosts live productions.

May blog 1

Wilma Rudolph – An Olympian (1956, 1960) and home town hero. The main fast food corridor of the city bears her name.

May blog 8b

Vacation Motor Hotel – This classic sign is a landmark on the road leading from the Cumberland River to Fort Campbell.

May blog 4

The Leaf-Chronicle, “Time to Rebuild” – On January 22, 1999, a tornado destroyed much of downtown Clarksville. I will not miss the tornado watches!

May blog 6b

Piggly Wiggly – Because when I moved here 5 years ago, I hadn’t  seen one of these since Driving Miss Daisy.

Farewell from Clarksville. Next on the blog circle is my friend Stacey Carpenter at Pic & Papers.


10 thoughts on “Where We Live | May Edition

  1. What a great post to remember the city by! You have some fabulous images here. I really love your perspective on the statue of the man reading the paper. And congrats on having one of your images on display at the museum!

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  3. What a great way to preserve memories. That hotel sign is so deliciously retro, and I’ve got a soft spot for old advertising on buildings. Congrats on being in a show & good luck with your move!

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