Where We Live | Blog Circle Debut

Welcome to the debut edition of the Where We Live Blog Circle!

Cheekwood & trains-522-25

Clarksville, Tennesse made infamous by The Monkees in their debut single “Last Train to Clarksville.” Maybe The Monkees weren’t referring to this Clarksville, but we’re obsessed with trains around here, nonetheless. This is Where I Live.

Railways have been transformed into walking paths . . .

Cheekwood & trains-517-5

Cheekwood & trains-502-18

Cheekwood & trains-483-1

Cheekwood & trains-500-3

and into Greenways with love locks . . .



and into miniatures in museums . . .



and as the backdrop for more museums . . .

Cheekwood & trains-529-6

Cheekwood & trains-578-4

Cheekwood & trains-603-1

Cheekwood & trains-667-6

Cheekwood & trains-724-9

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